Learn, study and speak Turkish with professional and caring teachers in  Fairfax, VA.

New Dates (for Summer 2017)

July 03 – September 03

Are you interested in learning Turkish so that you may more fully open the doors to Turkey’s remarkable and rich culture? ATFA offers classes throughout the year for all levels of Turkish learners. Classes are taught by experienced teachers who are committed to making learning an enriching and enjoyable experience.


Our Turkish language classes are held three times a year (Spring, Summer, and Fall) and are open to anyone who is interested in learning Turkish.


Classes are typically held once a week Monday-Saturday from 10 am -9:30 p.m. and are arranged based on the number of individuals interested in each level from beginner to more advanced. Once the classes are arranged, prospective students will be notified of the exact day the class will be held.


Our teachers use a Turkish language book set written in Turkish and English to help facilitate the learning process.


o   There are three terms a year (Spring, Summer, Fall).

o   Classes are usually held on weekdays at between 7 pm – 9:30 pm

& weekend at between sessions in 10 am-9:30 pm

o   Classes are open to anyone who is interested in studying the Turkish language.

o   Classes are arranged based on the number of students interested in each level from beginners to more advanced students.

o   Our teachers use a Turkish Language Book Set written in Turkish and English.

For the intensive program:  Classes are offered once a week per month and are 2 1/2 hours in duration.


Upcoming Classes for Summer Session: July 03- September 03

Duration: 12 weeks (30 hours) intensive program

Cost: $ 300 (does not include textbook fee)

Text Book: $30 All levels will be offered.

For further information, please

11200 Waples Mill Rd Ste 360. Fairfax VA
For registration  please fill out the registration form at this link:


Testimonials form Past Students

I Would Definitely Recommend…

I found the second level to be even more enjoyable than the first. The more I explore the language, the more fascinating it becomes. These classes are truly a wonderful resource for anyone with an interest in the Turkish language.

I am now hooked on Turkish and hope to keep taking classes as long as the next appropriate level is offered.

I continue to like the book series that accompanies the course and find that the order in which topics are presented is useful and appropriate. I feel that this level, in particular, has allowed me to make great strides in both my comprehension and fluency.

The instructor continues to be helpful and responsive to questions. Having now worked some with other native speakers I am realizing the benefit of the teacher’s knowledge about specific grammar points of Turkish and particular difficulties that speakers of English encounter when learning Turkish. An average native Turkish speaker is often unable to answer my questions, and we as students benefit greatly from the instructor’s years of specific teaching experience.

Q: Would you recommend this course to others? Why ?

I would definitely recommend these classes for anyone with an interest in the Turkish language and would recommend that students continue beyond the first level. I found Turkish 2 to be even more personally rewarding than Turkish 1 and expect the classes only to get better as I improve and can move beyond the basics.


I Learned A Lot…

This class was very enjoyable.  I learned a lot and feel like the content was very well presented.

Info was taught in a very easy, accessible manner, there was a nice camaraderie about the class.  The content covers a lot, so you learn a lot.

Q: Would you recommend this course to others? Why ?

Yes, but I think it is for serious learners rather than people who want to learn general phrases and vocab for travel.


I Fell in Love with The Turkish Language…

When I first registered for Turkish classes, my only aim was to acquire the minimum basic vocabulary needed for a 10 day trip to Turkey. All that changed drastically somewhere in the middle of Turkish 1: I fell in love with the language, the culture, and the country.  The instructor is a natural born teacher: he is able to keep the class enjoyable and entertaining while at the same time staying focused on our curriculum. He doesn’t want us to just “get by” with a few useful phrases of Turkish, he wants us to really understand it.

I won’t accept anything else than a higher level course right now 🙂 I love the fact that this is a completely new language for me ( no latin roots to make everything easier, like learning Spanish and Italian when one already knows French for ex.)  The novelty of it is very appealing and discovering things like vowel harmony is fascinating. It only makes sense to take it to the next level, every level completed feels more and more rewarding.

There are many things to like about this course: the small class setting ensures that we all get sufficient attention and help when needed.The variety of students enrolled is also very enjoyable. We come from different backgrounds, our ages can range from college student to retired senior and everything in between and we are all at very different stages in our lives. It makes our conversations, which we have during the charming mid-class break, complete with Turkish tea and sweets, always very interesting.

Q: Would you recommend this course to others? Why ?

I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn Turkish. I could write many things about the benefits of these courses but I think a small anecdote will illustrate my point very well: A few weeks ago, I saw a Turkish colleague of my husband and was able to have a semi-decent conversation with him. Last time I had seen him was just a few months ago, and of course, at that time I didn’t know any Turkish at all! His amazement made my day and speaks volumes about the quality of instruction I have been receiving here.


The Class Did A Good Job…

The course was useful and well structured. Overall, the instructor, the book, and the course material were a good combination and a positive force in teaching students the language.

liked the book and the instructor and found them a good combination for this course.  The instructor was very familiar with the book and the material and that was noticeable.

Q: Would you recommend this course to others? Why ?

Yes, I most probably would.  The reason why is because considering how difficult it is to learn a language to the true meaning of the word outside of a country that speaks that particular language, the class did a reasonably good job familiarizing the students not only with the language but also with the cultural aspects of Turkey and as someone who has lived in Turkey years ago, I could see many positives and necessary points that one can learn from this course about the Turkish and culture and customs which help with understanding the language.



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Why Learn Turkish?

The idea of learning Turkish is strange for most American learners; but that rapidly changes to a sense of excitement as soon as the career opportunities and adventure of Turkey are discovered. Its central connections to Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East make doing business in Turkey a necessity.

Since pre-historic times, Turkey has been the vital bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Its mighty Ottoman Empire consolidated much of Eastern Europe and the Middle East into one great civilization until the early 20th century. The flavor of Turkish culture is richly cosmopolitan, a sophisticated mix of ancient traditions in a contemporary Geist.

For Americans, Turkey’s liberal and intellectual climate bridging East and West, traditional and modern, is a comforting environment. Learning Turkish gives access to many new opportunities for business, scientific and technological research, and for scholarship and journalism. Currently, students in Turkey are learning English at a record rate, while few Americans learn Turkish: to offset that imbalance of skill and opportunity, there is great need for Americans to meet the creative challenge of learning Turkish.