Mayor of Turkish city Antalya, Mustafa Akaydin, visited Fairfax County on March 14, 2013. Chairman of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Sharon Bulova met with the mayor at her office. A delegation consisting of parliamentarians from Turkey’s main opposition party,  Republican People’s Party (known as CHP), which included deputy chairmen of the party Gokhan Gunaydin and Bulent Tezcan, and other members of the Turkish Parliament Ali Demircali and Kadir Gokmen Ogut, as well as the President of Mid-Atlantic Federation of Turkic American Associations (MAFTAA) Mahmut Yeter, also participated in this meeting. Chairman Bulova, who had visited Turkey with ATFA before, described her experiences there and noted that, Fairfax and Keciroren were sister cities. Furthermore, more exchange of information took place between two municipalities, followed by a tour of Fairfax County that she gave to her guests. The meeting was concluded by both sides engaging in a gift exchange.