ATFA (American Turkish Friendship Association) hosted a reception for the honor of Senator Mark Warner at its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.vMid Atlantic Federation of Turkic American Associations’ President Mahmut Yeter, Turkic American Alliance’s President Faruk Taban and Dr. Fevzi Bilgin Director of the newly established Rethink Institute attended the reception alongside of the leaders of the various Turkish American organizations in Virginia.

Senator Mark Warner then watched the future city projects of Pinnacle Academy students and discussed details of the project with each of the participant students of the project.

Senator Mark Warner started his remarks by showing his gratitude for getting to know the Turkic American community. He continued saying:

“I learned little bit tonight, little bit earlier about all the various Turkish American organizations and proud of fact that there are five chapters in Virginia. I see again the prosperous Turkish American community that we have here in the greater Washington area. I also want to commend the Pinnacle Academy for the good work that the Academy is doing and training the next generation of the leaders for our country and the leaders that will continue the relationships for strong friendships between Turkey and the United States.”

He shared his business experiences to grasp the attention of the entrepreneurs in the audience. Gave an example of his failure with the first business he tried to run. By this he comforted the Turkish American businessmen that in America one may have multiple chances to succeed. He concluded his remarks with an inspirational goal “…we must make sure.. in the 21st century that every American no matter where their ancestry, where they originally may have called home, no matter what faith they are part of that everyone in this country gets a fair shake. We cannot guarantee everyone successful but we should at least guarantee everyone gets the kind of equal opportunity that makes America different.”